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How do you get your site into the search engine, it might be the next question after you have built your site. Many site owners are confused about how they get their site into search engines, even they don’t know about that. Sometime they are assume that to register their site just go to a search engine then provide the URL to their entire page and finally wait for the search engine to came along and index the pages. It is not as simple like that; you might take notion on my post this time.
Linking your site
About link and about the importance of link always become the important thing. Just remind, the more links pointing from other site to yours the more important the search engine will think your pages are. By using your link you can provide a way the search engines to find your site, and getting into the most important index, just like Google, is much quicker through linking than through registration. In this case one or two links aren’t enough for some search engines, get your link building campaign for your site. Try to find the best and suitable links for your site.
Make your site get submitted on major system
It also important thing that you should do for your site, you can submit your site directly to major system just like Google, Alta Vista, Alltheweb and many kind of them. But remember just because you submit a site doesn’t mean you’ll get picked up but it is an important thing to make them know for the first.
Get submitted on major system, this system provide two things. The first is about submitting for free and you have to pay to get your site indexed. For free submitting, this system accepts free URL submissions. In some case they won’t accept more than a specific number submission one day, three a day, or whatever. And sometimes they need a reciprocal link for their system.
Submitting your site using paid inclusion, these paid systems provide you with the privilege of paying to have search engine index your pages. You pay the search engine a fee for a year and then the search engine guarantees to index your pages within a certain time, promise to come back frequently to re index your pages, and guarantees that your page will remain in the index for the full term of the agreement. If you like speedy updates this paid inclusion might better for you, you can tweak pages and see the result in your search engine rank within a few days.
Submitting to the secondary system
This is another ways and can fit your site need; you can also submit your site to smaller system with perhaps a few hundred million pages in their indexes. But the disadvantage for these systems is that they are relatively little used, many search engine sometimes ignore the smaller system altogether.
Use registration service and software program
You can also submit your pages to hundreds of search engines by using a submission service or program. Many of them are free for your, they are provided by companies that hope that you’ll spring for a fee-based full service. In this case you should realize that this automated submission tolls are easy to use, submitting by hand is the best option if you have the time. You can’t guarantee that an automated tool completes the correct fields, so the best use your hand to submit your site………..KEEP FIGHT
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