PooR CompuTers

Do you have a computer that need more a time when it start up or it need a lot time when opened a program or file?
If you have it, it is definitely time for you to pick up some tips on how to speed up a slow computer. Or you waste your time for useless thing to watch all above then your electric bills will run for it.
For this you might need some simple tips on how to speed up your slow computer, it easy to make it work faster than before. For the first you need to uninstall and remove programs which you no longer use as they take up space in your hard disc. This goes the same for unused files; delete them as they might slow down your computer. Delete the unnecessary shortcuts or icons present in your desktop for a faster and better performance from your computer. Having lots of icons on the desktop only slows down your computer for its start-up. Or you have more in video, audio, and picture files, you should choose the important then save it. Or you can burn it for cd and dvd or share it on internet.
The second is about malwares, viruses, and spyware. Take a note for this thing; it can slow your computer process and it will not just slow down your computer but put the programs and file in your computer at risk as well. You need a good and efficient anti-virus or malware tool to do the job regularly.
After that you should check your computer’s maintenance, run disc clean up tools for your computer so that temporary files, unnecessary components and cookies could be removed from your computer system. Defrag your computer from time to time even tough it will take some time but its worth it as the computer’s performance would be up to standard and the speed will be able to keep up as well.
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