DBox Win Server

Poor me, i am already know from my friend about DBox Win Server. For this reason i just feel that i am from the outer planet...... Yes it is about DBox Win Server, that it is a simple tool for recording our PC. By using this DBox Win Server you can record your PC to see more about it activities, then this tools provide you an easy and simple way to record it then it does not need more skill. And i am already know that this DBox have supported by UDRec and GGrab.

How to record using Dbox Win Server:
- The first you should create new directories on your PC to store our recordings
- After that just click on DBox icons to run this Winserver (you should have it installed on your PC first)
- Find the settings tab and enter your DBox IP, and it should have 4000 for it port, just dont forget to set the output to the directory you have created.
- Choose the generally tab and remove the tick icon from Windows after recording
- Select use UDRec, click on it tab then select record only for 1 strean under Audio and Record as MPEG-Streams under Stream File
- Dont forget to choose multiplex MPEG Streams after recording
- Finally click Save and you have done
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Lina Gustina
July 7, 2010 at 7:43 PM delete

It's a new info for me...