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SEO or Search Engine Optimization became a primary subject for any sites, why it is so special for them? Off course it should be the superior object because of almost 80% of visitor in each website come from the major search engine. For this reason, the more your rank in search engine it means the greater number of visitors do you have. So what about blog? Between a blog and website there are no much differences between them, you can apply the SEO to generate traffic through search engine.
In recent day we can find many and much blog in the internet, from personal blog to corporate blog. But unfortunately they are not aware of their chance of being more visible on the web, they just update it since in a while and that’s it. What we can conclude from that is about they are just waste all of things if they are not optimize their blog. How to optimize a blog? It can be optimized for benefit both your readers and search engine spiders. For this you might follow these tips:
You have created a blog, but did you ever thinking about the template that you have already taken? You should consider about the design of your template. If you are low in budget you can take free template then you can customize it by your self.
Optimize your tag, you can do this by using the most substantial phrase for your blog in your title tag. And then about your keywords, use it for your blog post and also the categories do you have. Keyword rich anchor texts, if you place a link in other site or blog and even in putting internal link just make sure that you are using key word rich anchor text. It would benefit to feed the spider that crawl your blog.
You can use the email or RSS feed for your readers, apply the button RSS subscription on your blog. By this you can publish your recently updated work and for your readers would not miss that.
How about your topic? Just be topical, what I mean is the topic that you brought on your blog is a strength to your blog. The beauty of staying on point and on topic is a better ways to get your visitors then to be ranked in search engine page. Beside that you should get an unique and fresh content for your blog, remember that contents is a king for any site in the internet. You might considered, what is old is not new and for blogs it is not interesting, so you have to refresh your content. By your fresh and unique content, the visitors will miss your blog. And the last don’t forget about spell check, good words, dictions, and good sentences will creates a good blog too…… So keep blogging!!!!!!
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