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In recent days SEO campaign can be useful thing to make and keep your site exist in the internet. You can get the higher rank, a lot of traffics then you can also get some revenues from that. But in our SEO campaign sometimes we miss a lot simple tools that can help you in SEO campaign just like from finding out how well your site ranks in search engine sees, or seeing how people are arriving at your site. Why it is useful for your SEO campaign? The first is about to analyze, plan to decide, and then progress what should you do next, this simple tools can make it easy for your SEO campaign. 

Checking your site rank
How about your site rank in the search engine page, are you on the first page or on the other page? Site rank checker is a tool for knowing where your site rank in the search page, after you know it you can make a new progress for your site. Many programs are available that will check your search engine position for you.
Checking for broken link
Please pay attention that you didn’t make any mistake in your link after you create a few pages, choose a suitable link checker to know more about it. By this you can check a lot links, showing the pages which containing broken link, you can also check both internal and external link on your site.
Finding links
You should and must able to make a list of pages linking back to your site, find out how many links which are pointing to your site then make comparison with the other site, or to find out who in particular is linking to other site. It is a great point on your link campaign if you can make it; just find these free tools on internet.
Google toolbar
It is a free for a great little tool; you can use it for searching Google without to go to Google site and for seeing if a web page is in Google’s cache. The main is about that Page Rank indicator, for this you can evaluate potential link for your partner. A way to search Google for pages similar to the one you have viewing and also for the backward links. 
Alexa toolbar
You can use this Alexa to assess the traffic of web sites, Alexa toolbar can give you a very general idea of whether the site gets any traffic at all, and you can view traffic details for the site. It provides lists of the most popular sites in the thousand of categories, a good way to track down for a link partner. For the report you can find that Alexa numbers are good for the popular site, but it seem not very accurate for the average site. If your site is ranked 2,000,000 you should make some way to get your site traffic higher, but if your site is ranked 2,000 it’s far more popular.
Finding your keyword density
You can analyze your keyword density, and for this you can have different opinion as to exactly what the density should be. But I suggest that you should try this tool to check your pages for keyword density to make a better SEO campaign for your site.
Seeing what the web spider sees
By this you can see how the spider read and display the content of your site; you can analyze the other site that might have good position on their rank. Find out the invisible things that have been placed on the page for the benefit of the search engines, beside that you can use this tool to check all the links are readable by search engine.
Analyzing your sites traffic
The most important use for this tools just like to find out which sites are sending visitors to your site, which search engines are sending visitors to your site, what keywords are people using to reach your site, and then to find out how your ads traffic (AdSense). 
For all important tools above you can get it for free just try to find out on the search page, you will find a lot tools which will provided your need. 
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