Founder of Facebook Stealth For Visiting Baidu-China

Founder of Facebook Stealth For Visiting Baidu-China 
CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, said to have visited the office of China’s largest internet company, Baidu. Baidu it self does not deny the news but they refused to provide detailed information about the purpose and theme about the Zuckerberg visit .

Clearly, a Chinese-language media have published the arrival Zuckerberg to Baidu through the photos. In the photo Zuckerberg was seen walking with the CEO of Baidu, Robin Li and other senior staff.
In an interview with Time, Zuckerberg said that his visit to China just simply a vacation. The reason Zuckberger currently very interested in the culture and character of the Chinese people. Besides having a lover from China Zuckerberg also claimed to have been learning Chinese language.

Facebook itself is still experiencing blocking in China, along with YouTube and Twitter. This is the impact of China’s strict policy against sites that contain content considered sensitive and political.
According to data from the Internet Society of China, currently the country has approximately 440 million Internet users and Web sites Baidu has a market share of the largest search engine approximately 73 percent, while Google only 21 percent.
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