‘Call of Duty’ Cause Moscow Airport bombing?

Call of Duty

COD, ‘Call of Duty’ Cause Moscow Airport bombing

‘Call of Duty’ Cause Moscow Airport bombing?

Russian media center analyzes the possibility of suicide bombings Domodedovo Airport with a computer game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

At least 35 people killed by suicide bomb incident at Domodedovo Airport, Moscow, Russia last week. Russia Today news show recently compared the scenes of the well-known Call of Duty game set in Domodedovo airport to the original condition after the blast incident.

Indeed there are significant differences between the two. In the game Call of Duty, the attack scene at the airport does not involve explosions, but the machine guns. But, Russian media could not deny the similarities between the game with a bomb blast at Domodedovo Airport.

Before it was released in 2009, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is raised controversy, following the leaking of footage that invites players to join the Russian ultranationalist terrorist group that was plotting a mass attack on the airport.

Call of Duty into a shocking reality. Given the number of people who download, play or watch the game, you should consider the likelihood that a person intends to turn it into reality,” said Russia Today show host.

The United States Terrorism expert Walid Phares said, computer games can affect the strategy of a terrorist group.

“The issue we have to know now is, whether the terrorists and extremists to use videos, DVDs or games like this to apply it in their strategy. I reckon, for those who are minded radicals, games like this could be a reference to their practice,” clarified Phares.

Even so, a claim Russia Today also get a lot of criticism from the public. “Snap, the only one who deserves blame is sick and crazy thoughts of terrorists is concerned,” commented one viewer on the Russia Today website.

“I’m sure terrorists have run out of thoughts on how to kill people so that they are now looking for inspiration through video games. If you want to kill many people, you do not need video games to reckon about such a plot to send suicide bombers to the airport,” wrote another.
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Call of Duty has nothing to do with that act of terriost.