Look At You New Phishing Trap on Facebook

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phising, look at you new phising on facebook

Beware New Phishing Trap on Facebook

Facebook users should be more careful in using the most well loved social networking site. New phishing trap is now stalking the user by using wall posts ‘Look at You ‘.

Users will receive post a link labeled “Check it out here, Look at you haha: p” and an image of public events. Messages such as this, where actors curiosity harass users, is often used to trick the users of social networking sites and messenger applications.

After clicking on the link, the user as if it will be brought into the domain apps.facebook.com. The interface is very similar to the Facebook login page, so users will reckon they have accidentally logged out and having to login again.

Of course, when the user logs in again, the perpetrators easily hijack your account and use it for spamming.

Now has approximately 600 million users, Facebook has become a very attractive area for the perpetrators of phishing. In fact, the less convincing phishing traps were able to fool thousands of victims.

Based on the analysis of Kaspersky Lab, last October, every 20 minutes, three thousand victims of a new phishing is on Facebook.
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