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Intel Oak Trail Ready to Beat  ARM

Soon, Intel will make his debut for presenting the latest chip which designed for mobile devices in the Developer Forum event in Beijing, China.

A number of leading vendors including Lenovo, Fujitsu and Razer have agreed Z670 processor, which previously codenamed “Oak Trail“, as the chips in a variety of tablets and their hybrid devices.

According to Intel exec Doug Davis, Oak Trail offer improvements to play video (1080p/HDMI), browse the Internet quicker and have longer battery life, without minimize the performance.

Oak Trail also offers support for operating systems, including Android, MeeGo and Windows.

Z670 helps provide the efficientcy for smaller devices, thinner and it have integrated packaging graphics with memory controller directly into the processor,”said Davis.

“This chip is 60 percent smaller than previous generation design with lower power for the device with no fan and is able to perform power saving features for a certain period,” he said.

Yup, the Z670 would be a serious challenger for ARM in the mobile market. Industry analyst Rob Enderle believes Oak Trail is currently the “best chance” for Intel to take the position of ARM.

“ARM has a excellent position in the smartphone market and a new tablet, with Intel showing some success in that area. In addition, with Microsoft’s announcement to go to the ARM for Windows and improve the ARM experiment for servers, Intel really have risky market,” said Enderle .

“Obviously, Oak Trail is the best opportunity for Intel to sustain the ARM blow,” he said.

Enderle also stressed in order to “fight” effectively against ARM, they will likely require the combined resources of all the vendors based on X86 architecture.

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