Keywords As Your Keyworld | How To Choose Keywords

Keywords As Your Keyworld | How To Choose Keywords

When you go to search engine page, then type a word or several words and click the search button. You’ll get the list page that word you search, search engine look for it on their index. Just make it simple, when you search dwellarticles the search engine will look for:

 - the pages which contain exact phrase dwellarticles
 - pages which have the words dwell and articles in close proximity
 - pages which have the words dwell and articles, and it is not necessarily close together
 - pages with word stems (dwellarticles)
 - pages which have links that pointing to dwellarticles or it pointing that words even though not together

To get that, maybe you have heard about to get notation the search spider. It close to the characteristics your keyword or keyword phrase
 - get your keyword in bold text
 - how about italic text
 - get on bulleted list
 - find it on text larger than most of the other text on your page
 - about (H) tags, absolutely find on your heading text

Get The Right Keywords

You have product (about what your web site are), do you know how to optimize your keywords? Don’t make huge mistake on how to pick right keywords, do some search on keywords analysis. Act like you are the people who search something about your website are, reckon the people will call or search your product (about your websites)

Keyword Analysis

This is to check of what keywords people use to search on the web. Firstly you should identifying the obvious keywords, type it into text editor or make a list the word that firstly comes to mind. Make another list on it, what else you can add, and what similar terms. Then you might look for on your hit logs, it is to get know what keyword which people usually used to get link to your websites. Simple way to get these hit logs you can go to Google Webmaster tool or Analytic as an example. Get all the keyword which people usually pick to enter your web site, this tool is vital if you don’t have logs program and it is free.

Did you recognize about your competitors keywords? Now it is time to starting find out their keywords. Go to their page click on view source, you will find their keywords on (META NAME:”keyword”). You can collect any useful keywords there and find another competitor then make list for their keywords. From the list above maybe you’ll find some misspelled word, you should pay attention on it. Sometimes the misspelling word can give you significant traffic. How about the synonyms? take this words as your list on your keywords analysis. Get your keywords on split or merged words, singular and plural, then hyphenated words (on e-mail and email) it is count as different search by search engine. They threat a hyphen as a space so it would different on e-mail and email (as the example).

To help you get the right keyword you might need a keyword tool, this tool will enable you to learn additional terms you haven’t though of and help you determine which terms are most vital, which terms are used most often by people looking for your products or websites.

So make it then you get your best Keywords as your Keyworld

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