2 Women's Sued Google for 50 Million $

2 Women's Sued Google for 50 Million $

Two women from Michigan sued Google for 50 million $ and demanded that Google stop selling phones with software that uses GPS.

The lawsuit was filed in U.S. District Court in Detroit on behalf of the plaintiff Julie Brown and Kayla Molaski, which seek class-action status to a lawsuit. The lawyer, Steven Budaj, believes they upset with the location tracking data.

"This puts users at serious risk of invasion of privacy, including stalking,"said the lawyer.

Google itself made ??no secret that collect GPS location information including current location, using a wifi network, and Android devices.

Google spokesman acknowledged that it is indeed a 'reconnaissance' of users. But it was done for the sake of services such as maps, search for shops or restaurants as well as studying the traffic on some streets.

"The phone knows your location, and it is necessary for the various services we offer,"said Google spokesman Mike Nelson.

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