Compete SEO With Content

Compete SEO With Content

How to get high ranking in the search engine, the answer is you can compile it with high quality content. What the content are? Content are “all the stuff on your website”, you can have a content-rich website by providing lots of information for the reader to see, read and use. Surely it would take excellent effect on your SEO campaign, if you concentrate on the text as a fantastic part of your websites then just ignore about the pictures, videos, or sounds (as like them are part of your website decoration). Your content is related about the text, and the text it self more over about the words that search engines can read. So where you should go to get that text with excellent keywords are?

Firstly, let me remind you how to get compete in search engine. You can make well-optimized pages, get lots of links into your sites and targeted keyword on your content. Yup if you can make them above surely fantastic positions you can get.

Now let’s back on how to get a text. Make your own content with all your stuff. It should be a hard thing to do if you don’t have any ability on writing. So make it simple, just questions someone else to write fantastic content for you. Seem like a simple way, but it is not free really. You might need lot of money to get someone write content for you. Need another way to get excellent content, find existing content from somewhere else then mix and place on your websites.

Writing Your Own Content
Make a plot to write your own content, if you find it are heavy for you just get summaries of online articles out there. Its honestly quick and simple way, but you need to remember about copyright honest use. If you have a few sentences of the article just consider about link back as a source back to the main article which is you summarized.
Another way with your own content, you can make review of websites or product reviews.
How about other people content? Just make it as another source of your websites content. If you interested on internet marketing and want make any check from it just grab some of product information out there. Contact them and question about their product to sell on your site.
Simple way on other people content is government sources, just check the government sites for free materials for your content. How about content syndication sites, these sites can provide you free content for your websites. Or you can play with your RSS syndication feeds as the content of your site. RSS syndication feeds will give you two ways of content:

a. An RSS feed, as a source of content
b. An RSS aggregator, this is takes the information from the feed and drops it into a web page.

You can find lots of sites which are provide RSS feed as your content sources.

Maybe you have heard about open content and copy left. The writers it self, release the work for public modification, with understanding that anyone who using the work must agree to not claim original authorship and to release all derivative works under the same conditions. Just find all information which is released under copyleft as your content sources.

Press Releases
It sound is fantastic for you as it use without the permission. Press release it self have purpose to send it out and see who picks it up. It don’t need any permit from the owner as it have implied agreement that you can simply take the release and post it on your website as your content (unchanged and its entirely, off course).
Are you ready to complete your SEO with content, lets make it up…

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