Convex Lens On iPhone5 | iPhone5 Released Date

iPhone 5 Will Use Convex Lens?

Convex Lens On iPhone5 | iPhone5 Released Date - The presence of a fifth-generation iPhone is still shrouded in mystery, from the date of the launch to support technology LTE (long term evolution). Now stuck again rumors that mention iPhone 5 brand-new will use a convex lens as cell phone screen.

Digitimes claims Apple has purchased approximately 200 to 300 glass cutting machine to boost production of convex lenses.

If the news proved true, this is not the first time that Apple uses convex lenses to its product. Previously, Apple used the lens on the old-generation iPod Nano.

In addition to the iPod Nano, Samsung also uses a convex lens for Nexus S smart phones. Samsung claims the decision to use a convex lens is for the convenience of users.

"Samsung's research shows that a convex lens is more convenient to use than the flat display," as quoted by Digitimes.

Apple iPhone allegedly began producing 5 in July, before the official launch of September. But the news was also unclear after recent rumors that the fifth generation of iconic phone will be present on 21 November.

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