Microsoft Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Released Date

Microsoft Releases Windows 8 on 2012

Microsoft Windows 8 | Windows 8 | Released Date - Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer confirmed that Microsoft will launch the next generation Windows platform that is temporarily referred to as Windows 8 in 2012.

"We are working hard to develop the next version of Windows," Ballmer said at the developers conference in Japan.

"We want to move to next-generation Windows systems, which will appear next year. In addition there are many more that could be expected from Microsoft," he continued.

In a statement, Ballmer also uses the name 'Windows 8 ' related to the operating system. "You will hear a lot about Windows 8, whether it is tablet, PC or other variations,"says Ballmer.

During recent weeks, analysts and technology reporter claims that Windows 8 will be the official name of the new Microsoft platform. But until now Microsoft has not been willing to confirm the report.

In the latest demo version of Windows at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), President of Windows Division Steve Sinofsky refused to call Windows 8 as the name for their new platforms.

"I did not mention Windows 8, I call it the latest generation of Windows, 'said Kinofsky.

Not long after, Microsoft by ZDNet Ballmer claimed that the statement should be corrected. "We can not wait for the latest generation of hardware Windows 7 that will be present next year. Until now we have not officially announced the date or the name of the Windows version."

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