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Angry Birds on Android Infected by Virus

Google has been suspended several applications after investigators found spyware that will 'infect' the Android Market. Xuxian Jiang a computer science professor from NC State University found the malicious code named Plankton in a number of applications installed on the Android Market.

This code appears in a number of applications related to the highly popular games such as Angry Birds and hid in that popular gaming applications (Angry Birds), so a bit difficult to find.

How Angry Birds spyware catch your android

"The malicious applications installed additional code to Android devices where they are installed," said Andrew Brandt the Webroot researchers, in his blog post, then it should catch your Android when you installed the Angry Birds game.

"Additional functions provide remote access and control of Android devices. Unfortunately the hackers identity (who give specal code on Angry Birds) still unknown at this time," he added.

Jiang found this harmful applications (one is hid on Angry Birds) differ from previously which infected Android applications, in Plankton is using various exploits on the device to gain root access to the OS.

Plankton "Angry Birds spyware"

"Conversely, a remote command to provide access not only known for what can be considered sensitive data on mobile phones, including browser history, bookmarks, and setting the homepage on Android's built-in browser," explains Brandt.

Jiang said that at least there are 10 applications that are infected at the Android Market from three different developers. Google seems to have been dealing with the problem of Plankton.

"We recognize and suspend a number of suspicious applications from the Android Market," said Google spokesman.

"We suspend the application and the developer account that violates our policy," he said again.

Google has been busy moving the infected applications from Android Market in recent months. Last month, the company had to remove a number of applications that are infected with DroidDream malware. Now here come Plankton the Angry Birds spyware

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