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Windows 8 operating system Interface Revealed

Windows 8 Operating System | Windows 8 Revealed | Microsoft OS - Microsoft meet its promise to demonstrate the Windows 8 operating system. So like what the preface windows 8 operating system?

By Microsoft, the user interface of Windows 8 operating system is to cover the gap between conventional PC users, with more user-based tablets on the touch screen. The company is clearly aiming to make the new windows 8 operating system into a friendly touch screen, by presenting a large button on each application.

Windows 8 operating system video

In this video also reveals that the developer would get the Windows 8 operating system code to run applications using HTML5 and JavaScript. It will blur the distinction between local software and web applications.

It also user interface Windows 8 operating system, also featuring the Metro design used on Windows Phone. The user interface displays the hours and days, including the iconic power management and ease of access to applications.

Windows Operating System released date

Unfortunately there is no further details about Windows 8 operating system, which indeed is merely a demo video. Includes when the final version will be released soon, although there may be presented in 2012 by Microsoft. So we have to wait the new Windows 8 Operating System..

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