Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released

Dell Finally Release Windows 7 Tablet in Late October

Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released | Dell Windows 7 Tablet - As rumors that appeared earlier this year reported that Dell will release Windows 7 tablet turns into reality. Dell will release a Windows 7 tablet later this month.

Dell Windows 7 Tablet are called ST Latitude, codenamed Peju. Maybe this Windows 7 Tablet will appear on Dell's inauguration World, in Austin, Texas this week.
Dell Windows 7 Tablet Released

Once confirmed the news of his appearance tablet, Dell executives justify it, and said that the tablet has been designed specifically for businesses.

"Later this month we will launch Windows 7 tablet," said executive director and general manager of Dell, Kirk Schell.

According to Schell, Dell chose Windows 7 because of the many customers who are interested in diverse forms. "So the Windows 7 device is made for people who actually asked us," said Schell.

He added that Dell Windows 7 Tablet do not like any tablets generally, but more specific to the IT environment and business are equipped with many devices in this Dell Windows 7 Tablet.
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