Google Bought Fflick For YouTube

Google Bought Fflick For YouTube

Google has bought social media analysis firm, Fflick, with the aim to make YouTube a more social. The buy was reported to reach the value of USD10 million.

Fflick designed to interpret what users say about the video content on social networks, including Facebook and Twitter. Fflick analyze the data of social media to find video content what is the most widely discussed.

It is believed that YouTube will use to add a recommendation Fflick functionality using Twitter feeds and Facebook to improve the search process.

“We see that there are more than 400 tweets per minute which contains a link YouTube,” wrote Shiva Rajaraman, Group Product Manager, in a blog posting YouTube.

Earlier this week the CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, revealed his plans to increase the number of head of section for the European region.

In the near future, the position of Eric Schmidt will be replaced by co-founder of Google, Larry Page.

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