Get Nintendo eShop For Your 3D Device Support

Get Nintendo eShop For Your 3D Device Support

Nintendo plans to launch eShop for its 3D devices. This eShop will be showed two months after Nintendo’s 3D launched in March.

According to information in the financial statements of the third quarter of Nintendo, President Satoru Iwata said that the 3D online store will be present in May.

Nintendo eShop provides access to download new games and ancient from Nintendo Game Boy and Game Boy Color for its users. eShop also will provide video demos and demo games.

eShop is plotted to be launched in May, also will provide other devices, including Internet browsers and the ability for the owners to transfer their DSiWare of DSi games to 3DS.

Nintendo 3DS own plot will be launched on March 27, 2011 at a price of USD250 per unit.

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