Dwelling : Space is Precious with Ethnic Decoration

Space is Precious with Ethnic Decoration

Apply the ethnic ornament in the house should not be indiscriminate. It takes special attention so it looks more leverage and make more high-value occupancy.

We often find ethnic ornaments on display or placed in a room. Its presence certainly not without cause. Some residents tried to apply it because of the ethnic ornament usually has a special meaning.

No doubt, every ethnic decoration on a table for example, whether it be stand alone or be grouped, would give a different meaning in the room. But make no mistake, ethnic ornaments different with ancient decorations.

The difference is, ethnic ornaments typically comes from our own country. In a sense, work or thing created is the result of craft that comes from own country. While the ancient decoration of origin can vary.

Not always from the country itself, could have been from abroad. Practically ancient for a place and time of making the already ancient and rare.

So, how to put decorations in the room? It's important to know that the intended meaning can be achieved. Therefore, some cases that often occur, ethnic decoration it has been just a pile of goods that no more than "warehouse".

For that, you should put these traditional decorations in the right place so as not to be merely supporting elements of space, but can also be a focal point of the room. No matter the ethnic decoration cheap or expensive, if you are good at placing it, garnish it actually will make the space more valuable.

Even though it was expensive for example, will not be impressed either if not given the support of light, in the sense of dark, so nothing is highlighted. Other cases, there is also a traditional objects put together for some types of goods.

Another thing that is no less important is the proportion. Do not let the ornaments that you apply does not fit in the space. For example, you want to install woven fabric on one side wall of the small space. If the fabric is greater than the size of the room, decorative objects that will not make the room look beautiful, but instead the room becomes increasingly narrow. So, measure the amount of decoration with spatial scale should be considered, both height and width of the wall should be balanced.

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