Email Promotion More Effective Than Social Media

Email Promotion More Effective Than Social Media

Although less well loved than social media, email seems still be a more effective media campaign for the buyer. At least, according to Foresee Results Study.

Traditional techniques such as email campaigns, search engine results, even more ads can influence people to visit the U.S. retail sites, compared to the interaction through social media.

Based on research on the effectiveness of social media on U.S. retail, only 5 percent who said the interaction of social media as an excuse to visit the retail site. Most consumers claimed to access the site because it knew the brand being promoted, receive promotional emails or mouth-to-mouth, and read product reviews related sites.

In addition, note also that consumers prefer to interact with the seller via email or their official website, through social networking instead. Statistics revealed that only 8 percent of online shoppers who prefer social media as their communication tool with the seller.

According to President and CEO Foresee Results, Larry Freed, every seller must know the effectiveness of each promotion technique to their customers.

“There should be serious thought to find out whether the seller must invest in social media. If the answer is yes, they have to utilize it as much as possible by ensuring interaction through social media successfully meet the needs and expectations of consumers,” said Freed.

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