900 Million Internet Explorer Users In Danger

900 Million Internet Explorer Users In Danger

A total of 900 million users who use Internet Explorer was in danger. Microsoft states that found the gap (bugs) which can be exploited by hackers in their browser service.

“We are aware of published information and evidence from bugs in IE code that tries to exploit this vulnerability, but we have not seen any indication of active exploitation,”said Microsoft spokeswoman, Angela Gunn.

Gunn also added that this security hole could have infected the entire artificial Windows platforms, from Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. This means that nearly all Windows users are using this browser tool was facing a crisis.

Error lies in the MHTML protocol handler, which is used by applications to make some kind of document. According to the statement, an attacker can construct HTML links designed to trigger a malicious script and then persuade a targeted user to click on sites that have infiltrated it.

“Hackers can build HTML links to trap and steal the identity of the victim,” he said.

“Our security team provides a solution by recommending our customers to apply the ‘lock’ MHTML protocol. We provide Microsoft Fix for further automate the installation,” said Gunn.

Until now there has been no falling victim because the holes in the browser tool. But Microsoft is still asking for its users to remain vigilant.

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