Chaos in Egypt, Google Executive Disappear

Chaos in Egypt, Google Executive Disappear

The riots in Egypt is making fantastic terror. Even a Google executive reportedly disappeared in Egypt.

The world’s largest Internet company reported one of their executives was disappeared. He has been in Egypt since last week to attend a meeting.

“We confirm that our executive, Wael Ghonim, had disappeared in Egypt. We lost contact since Thursday last week in Cairo,” said Google spokesman.

Wael Ghonim is Google’s head of marketing for the markets in the Middle East and Africa. Ghonim rumored arrive in Cairo for a meeting last week. Unfortunately, Google can not provide the information on what meeting is being done by Ghonim. But Google still questions the Egyptians cooperation to report if they are knows where Ghonim.

“The safety of our employees is sufficient importance. So if any of you who have information about our employees, especially Wael Ghonim, please call us at our offices in the UK +44 20 7031 3008,” said Google spokesman.

From his Twitter account, Ghonim had to update its presence in Egypt through Twitter @ Ghonim.

Some speculation says that Ghonim been arrested by local police and jailed. But according to Google until now these reports can not be confirmable.

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